Spotify ruling my Syrinscape


Hey Benjamin,

Maybe this is an easy or obvious fix… I use Spotify in conjunction with you’re app, for various background music, But for some reason if I pause Spotify it also pauses Syrinscape or at least the sound goes away. The only work around I’ve found is to put spotify on a continual loop and turn its volume down to nil when I’m not using it.

I have a MacBook pro - latest OS
using sony bluetooth speakers (which I swear I’m missing channels at times)

So what am I doing wrong? Thanks!



This is suuuuper weird…

Things I’m thinking:

  1. I know that some Bluetooth speakers go to sleep if they think they are getting no signal (to save battery)
  2. SOme sort of Dipping on the part of Spotify (but it seems to be doing the opposite of this)
  3. Maybe there is another device ‘Connected’ to the Bluetooth Speaker that is taking over when Spotify loosens its grip
  4. Actual Goblins?!

Anyone else?


How do I optimize and update syrinscape? Maybe that would help?


To update the app you just need to install the latest version from our downloads page HERE :slight_smile: