Split Screen (and/or iPad Pro) Support - FIXED



Syrinscape is awesome! I’m working through how to incorporate it into my Pathfinder games, but am bumping into the “Unity-based games don’t like to get backgrounded” issue. Although I think a decent short-term solution is to bring a second, dedicated device to the table, I’d like to have control over running Syrinscape right in front of me, on the same device I’m running the game from.

Is there any possibility for Syrinscape to support split-screen iOS features? That would be huge and awesome! Overall- thank you so much for all the hard work, I love the product and am hoping to make it a main feature of my games!


We’ll always be looking for a solution to this, and will do it as soon as we can.



It’s been three years. Any news on this feature?
On my iPad split screen doesn’t work. I’d be great if it would! It could be a work around for the background music problem.


Syrinscape is a powerful audio mixer and like Garage Band, it’s something that the iPad is unable to run in the background or split screen. We would love for Syrinscape to be able to work in the background like it does on PC and Mac but it’s a limitation of the devices, not the software.

With that said Syrinscape Online our new browser based Player will be able to work on the iPad and that is due out early next year. With that our server deals with all of the mixing and hard work rather than the physical device you are playing Syrinscape on.


Thanks for the fast reply! That‘s good news!


Hi @Steveand @Asrath The above is not strictly true. All the powerful mixing is still done in app. The point of the Online Player + iPad IS that you CAN (already) control the Online Player from the iPad in a Browser Window and have Syrinscape playing on a different device (plugged into your stereo system over the other side of the room (or in fact, in another part of the galaxy).

Does that make sense?

You can try it right now…
Go here and get yourself set up.

What IS coming… are Online Player builds that will run on Android and iOS. These will still need to stay in the foreground, BUT since they can be a separate device you can have them plugged in somewhere away from you, while you control the sound with your iPad (with the UI open in a browser = THIS does NOT need to stay in the foreground.

ATM there are only Online Player builds fro PC and MAC (but those builds for Andoird and iOS are coming very soon)

Does that all make sense?