Spellcaster Sorcerer pack shows up only in the online player - RESOLVED


Hi all, I bought the spell caster sorcerers pack, unfortunately I can only access it in the online player. It does not show up when I press the purchased tab in the syrinscape player and searching for the name does not give a result.

Is this issue known? Thanks!


The Spellcaster Soundsets are both found in our Board Game Player as they are for the Boardgame Spellcaster. If you look on the Storepage it always tells you which Player a soundset defaults to :slight_smile:

BUT you can make SoundSets show in any of the other Players by using the Campaign Manager, found here: https://syrinscape.com/account/campaigns/

  1. Make a new Campaign (under the Fantasy Tab)
  2. Add the SoundSets that you want to appear in your campaign
  3. Now go to the All TAB
  4. Add the other SoundSets you want to this Campaign (from the other two players)
  5. Hit reload in the app (or restart) (or wait about 60 seconds)
  6. Now the SoundSet will appear under that Campaign in the app (find it by clicking the All SoundSets tab at the very top left)
  7. And the SoundSets will also appear at the very bottom of the list of SoundSets in the “All” listing AND you’ll be able to keyword search for it too.


Thanks Steve got it to work :)!