Spellcaster Sorcerer board game pack?

I remember having this in my Board game player a hard drive ago. Yesterday when I went to host a tournament for my cousins, I was unable to find, let alone, re-download it. it’s not even in the store.

Is it no longer available?

@benjamin did I imagine this soundset?

Hi @Tollark,

Sorry I didn’t reply to this earlier, I actually had a draft here that didn’t send! Derp!

No, you are not imagining things. We DID used to have a Spellcaster set. No one really ever bought or used it. We reused and repurposed a lot of the content when we build the Pathfinder casters sets (Ezren etc).

If anyone bought the Spellcaster SoundSet they still have access, otherwise it has forever entered the VOID (oid) (oid) (id) (d). :alien: :ghost: