Spellcaster - Potions Expansion


So, I received the Spellcaster game for an early Christmas present, and Syrinscape has a great set of sounds for that in the Board Game player. BUT! There is also an expansion pack called Potions which contain 20 more new and interesting cards to add to the game. Many of them sound like very cool things that could be useful for the Syrinscape repertoire (Fountain of Fury, Smoke Screen, Siren’s Madness, Dragon’s Spirit, etc.). If there is time/room on the schedule, I would be greatly pleased to hear such things!


Wow! Glad to see someone using that content! Spread the word, because I get the impression that hardly anyone playing Spellcaster even knows Licenced content exists! :smiley:

As for the request for additional content = noted. :slight_smile: :dolphin: