Spell Jammer ETA

I was wondering if you had an ETA on Spell Jammer? I want to run it but I plan to wait until the music is ready for this module.

Not at the moment I’m afraid. It’s one that we will be covering but @hallows1999 is currently very busy building the awesome Tomb of Annihilation content. We shall try and post up an update as soon as we can :slight_smile:

+1 here for some Spelljammer music and sounds. Its cool that ToA is being worked on, but its such an old campaign, Spelljammer is the new hotness everyone is running now! Also, Its easy to run any fantasy based campaign like ToA with the existing soundsets available. Spelljammer is so unique theres nothing existing that really fits. Fantasy stuff is too “Fantasy” and Sci-Fi stuff is too “Sci-Fi”.