Speaking Sound Set

I was listening to a sound set last week that had a creepy booming voice, as though it were answering questions. Yes, No, Irrelevant, To Kill You etc. Does this ring a bell with anyone, because I can’t figure out what key word I typed in to find it!


We have several of those, including ones voiced by Matt Mercer, Jason Bulmahn, Crystal Fraiser and a host of other amazing voices. Search for NPC SoundSets in the store or on the Web Player to find a full list of them :grin:

Very possibly the Lich SoundSet too? It is pretty cool and does most of those things!

Thanks Ben, I will check it out good sir!

I will check it out!

Alas, It was neither the Lich or the Halaster sound set. This particular set seemed fan made, as the titles of each response were 1, 2, 3 etc, so I think it was fan created. One of them had something to do destroying a book. The voice was deep and sinister with no special effects. Perfect for what I was looking for. Ringing a bell with anyone?

Update, I found it! It’s the Dread Wraith conversation-not sure what set it is from though. My players are going to poop themselves when the house starts talking to them!

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