Soundsets to keep - RESOLVED



I have an Adventurer Path subscription and it says that I have “195 SoundSets, 6 are yours to keep”… which ones are the ones that I can keep? Currently, the latest SoundSet is the Breaking the Bones of Hell soundpack but that has only five SoundSets… how can I see the missing 6th SoundSet? Is there an easy way of finding the SoundSets we get to keep forever after subscribing? Thanks.


You own the five Breaking the Bones of Hell soundsets and the new Temple of the Jade Dragon. Any new content released whilst you sub is automatically added to your owned list :slight_smile:


Is there a way to easily find the SoundSets we get to keep?


Currently the easiest way is to drop us a email at support. We do plan to add it to the website but it’s not done as yet :grin: