Soundsets not uploading to web site


A couple of weekends ago I was having a problem getting the soundsets to show up on the mobile app, even though they appeared to upload to the website just fine (albeit, with delay). This weekend, I can’t get them to show up anywhere, even after uploading one of them twice. On one of them, I removed three or four songs (so I know it’s probably not a size issue with that one), and on the other, I added one song I think. Nothing major, right? I then deleted the two soundsets from My Campaigns and uploaded them again. That was yesterday morning, and as of the time of this post, neither have appeared on the website again.

I understand that server load might be higher on the weekends, but if I can’t expect to be able to tweak my soundsets on Saturday morning before our sessions, then the current subscription cost is unreasonable. At the very least, if there is a problem with the soundset itself, I need to know what the problem is so I can try to fix it, as opposed to simply trying to upload the thing over and over. Where is the error messages in this software? Is there a simple workaround? Or am I stuck having to do this process mid-week and spend a bunch of time guessing when things don’t work?


Here’s a great idea guys - What if the Soundset Creator had the same restrictions that prevent a sound set from being uploaded and working of the players? What if the Creator wouldn’t even accept a file not already set at 44100hz, .wav or .ogg, and stripped of metadata?

It would save us a lot of time tracking down problems when one nasty bit of metadata slipped though scores of samples. Also, if size is an issue (100mb) limit, how about a warning in the Creator?


I’d have to agree with this. The place to put file format validation is at the point of import. Not waiting until after the user has imported it, manipulated it, uploaded the soundset and waited an hour. Three times. And then only do it server-side and not give the user any notification, just leave them waiting for a soundset that will never appear in their player…

In case you hadn’t picked up on it, this is not a hypothetical scenario for me today. How did you guys spend your Sunday??? :-p

Ben, I want extra pepperoni on that pizza! :smiley:


In the realm of troubleshooting, and referencing this thread as well:

So I completely and utterly uninstalled syrinscape from my computer. Cleared caches, deleted the appdata folder, etc.

I then re-installed, made sure my computer was still blessed, and then download the Bugbear fight, made a minor changing including adding the word “modified” to the title, and re-uploaded. Hours later, it isn’t showing up.


It’s definitely looking like its a server issue so our dev’s are looking into this at the minute and hopefully should have an answer for us soon. hopefully we will have the Syrinscape Soundset Creator back up and running very soon!



Thanks guys! I really do appreciate the quick response! :slight_smile:

Creator sends set, but it is not in campaigns (or player) - RESOLVED

OK @rwblaylock @DrVesuvius @pointlessnumbers @ellsworthcody

There WAS something wrong with the server… yes, it’s something that got revealed by the heavy load… and YES… it’s incredibly annoying that these things keep showing themselves on the weekends!

These probs are a result of:

  1. The MASSIVE increase in users and user activity in Syrinscape
  2. Our move to AWS (new hosting) to make a scalable server that will be good to go loooong into the future = once we get everything sorted.

Soooo… we have made some major changes and restarted the server… please try your uploads again and let us know!

*Ben crosses all bodily bits that are able to be crossed! :slight_smile:


It is working again for me!


Fantastic! that’s what we hoped to hear :smile:
Thanks for letting us know @rwblaylock


Thanks for the great news. At least your server growing pains are from, well, your user base growing!

When I get home later, I’ll try to upload my soundsets. Thanks again!


So it was a server-side problem…
Extra pepperoni AND stuffed crust. :stuck_out_tongue:


@DrVesuvius he he… :smiley:

I"m blaming your SoundSet, it was probably your SoundSet that pushed there server over the edge… I’m sticking with that story!!!