Soundsets not saving to SD card


I moved my app installation to SD card sorage and my installed soundsets appear in my setting storage totals as if they are being stored on my SD card but my testing shows that they’re still being stored on my HDD:

  1. There is no HDD usage difference when I move everything from internal storage to SD card storage and back.
  2. While everything is in SD card storage, any installs or clears affect total HDD capacity instead.

I’m running Android 4.4.2 with Syrinscape version 1.3.7-20180730


Hey @bruno.mastronardi, yes, what you are looking at is correct. Changing the app install location will not change the location of app Cache storage. At the moment we don’t have a setting to allow you to specify that. Sorry!

Have you considered trying out the Online Player, which will dynamically download samples as needed… then as storage gets to big you can just simply clear everything?

Check it out here:

Then ask some questions! :slight_smile:


@Benjamin Are there any plans to enable external SD card storage for the app? Most apps are able to handle this, including ones that store a lot less data. Surely there are tutorials online that can show the programming team how to build this feature? I just got a ‘low space’ error & discovered it’s using 4gb of space on my tablet (which I use at a venue with no connectivity, so no Online Player). I cleared a bunch of the files - although it wasn’t immediately obvious where to find that feature - but I need a variety of different soundsets at my fingertips, and am too busying preparing the game to spend days creating custom soundsets with everything.

You may have noticed that most tablet manufacturers skimp on internal storage, because they expect you to plug in a 64gb external card & use that, instead of using apps which force internal storage…