Soundsets mine to keep


I’d like to know which soundset are mine to keep.
I know that “all the soundsets released while I’m a subscriber are mine” but I subscribe at the end of October and coming close to the end of December I’m curious about which of the soundsets should remain to me if I’d end my subs.



If you email us at support using the email address that your account is registered under then we can take a look for you and get a list of your owned soundsets


Ok, thanks.
By the way, there’s no way to discover this without mailing you? It could save you a lot of time.

Thanks anyway


There is a roadmap you could look at (I don’t have the url on my phone) and that would get you close. But for a definitive answer the email is probably best.


Yep like @davinci522 says you can click on the “SuperSyrin Subscriber” link at the top of the main website to get details of the number of soundsts you own but to get details of exactly which ones you need to email us. Currently, we have to generate a report on the server to get a listing of all of the soundset names.

Being able to get access to that yourself is DEFINITELY something that’s on our Devs wishlist :slight_smile:


@mfiore89 Hiya.
You can also look at each SoundSet individually in the store.

If you have access by virtue of a sub, but do not own it, it will say, “You already have access to this SoundSet”

And if you own it, it will say, “You already own this SoundSet.”

But… going through each SoundSet that way is more laborious than just asking for help, I reckon. :slight_smile:

AND we are always more than happy to connect and chat on the support email. :smiley: