Soundsets for 5E products


I notice you produce a lot of soundsets for Pathfinder.
How about producing them for the WotC 5E products!
Is that on the cards? Has anyone done it?


I think there’s a license issue here, although we don’t have any other specific informations from the Syrinscape crew.

But, you can easily take sounds and music from the existing soundsets to make your campaign. As a test I made one up in a hurry for the Forge of Fury adventure of Tales from the Yawning Portal.

Soon I’ll begin with Tomb of Annihilation. There are other threads in the forum where senior members gave a bunch of spot-on suggestions to run it.


Yarp, as far as I’m aware Syrinscape doesn’t have an arrangement with WotC yet, so they don’t have official sets.

But like @doc said, you can make your own campaign. I’ve suggested ones for Tomb of Horrors and Tomb of Annhilation, and several others. If you have an adventure you’d like suggestions on, just let me know what’s in the adventure in detail and I can suggest all the sounds that are fit to hear! :slight_smile:


Yes, I was in a hurry and didn’t give proper credits where it’s due :wink:. HECook always gives extremely useful suggestions for setting up custom campaigns.


Yep as has been said we have lots of content that can be used for D&D but to create content especially for their adventures like we do for Paizo, Chaosium, Green Ronin and other needs a licence.

Would be very cool though wouldn’t it! :grin:


Hmmmm, are you teasing us because something is about to be announced? :sunglasses: Should I get a beer and sit on the couch?

On the contrary, could you please tell us if you’re trying to work through the licensing issue? While I liked using the Creator and I’m currently a SuperSyrin subscriber to patchwork my D&D5E campaigns, time is always short and getting complete soundsets would be quite great!


Time to crack open that beer @doc!

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