Soundsets eating up my memory

Hey! The sound sets are eating up my memory and I cant figure out how to delete them? Ive tried using the function found on the desktop player’s “settings” to clear sound sets from my device. But I still cant download anything more, so I assume its cause my memory is low. Help!

Sounds like you are talking about the Fantasy/Sci-Fi/Board Game player, based on your comment about clearing from the Settings. Are you using the latest version? Before 1.4.11-p9 there was an issue where downloading multiple SoundSets at once could lock up and cause issues with them completing.

Otherwise, clearing from Settings sounds like it should free the disk space they used. There is a Cache folder somewhere (do not recall exactly where off the top of my head, and would depend on your platform), but I suspect that gets cleared out when you Clear too. Each player has it’s own set of the SoundSets downloaded, so if you played with Fantasy, and then switched to the Sci-Fi Player, maybe Fantasy still has SoundSets installed too.

Of course there could be anything else on your computer taking up your disk space too, depending on your operating system there will be different ways to try to hunt them down.

Hope something in there helps, someone else may step in with other ideas :slight_smile:

Yes! Thank you so much!