SoundsetCreator - Button missing to copy elements from library to soundset - FIXED


Hey there,

It seems as though there is a button missing in the SoundsetCreator Library to copy elements to my selected soundset?

I create a new Soundset, then click Library > Elements > Search (eg. ‘fire’). My search results are returned; however, there is no button next to the elements to allow me to copy them to my soundset.

If I create my own element and then do the same for the Library > Samples > Search… each sample has a (+) button that allows me to copy the sample to the selected element.

Am I missing some crucial step for the Library elements?



Looks like those buttons may have gone missing? @sonofconan

In the meantime open the ELEMENT property inspector while you are focussed on the Element you want to copy from the Library and hit the Blue button “COPY TO SOUNDSET”


NOTE: Make sure you are also working on a SoundSet you are allowed to edit - ie one you made from scratch OR an official SoundSet you have first duplicated. :slight_smile:

Most of all, THANKS for your support as a sub!!!


Ah, yep. ‘Copy to Soundset’ works.

Thanks Ben, you’re a legend mate.



I tell myself that all the time! :wink: :smiley:


@AwakenedGoat Should be fixed now, thanks for the report!


Looking good! Thanks men!