Soundset uploads but no moods or sounds appear in the player


My soundset shows up on the site and in the player, but without any moods or sounds The first time it happened I reuploaded under a different name but it didn’t change anything. The soundset’s name is Lianna v3.



(and extra characters)


Hey, any updates? I’m running a game tomorrow, would be great if I wouldn’t have to make sounds with my mouth :wink:


@benjamin have you found the issue?


Did you use your own samples or did you use only the ones from Syrinscape?


@skajbaj Our server is running all smoothly.

So, why don’t you try an upload and let me watch out for an error.

Let me know precisely when you are uploading (preferably sometime time I am awake in Sydney Australia. :smiley:


@benjamin I feel like we couldn’t have less compatible timezones, but I’ll try :slight_smile:

I’ll be starting the upload today at 8PM Sydney time, hope it’ll give you a nice clean timestamp in the logs. The soundset name is “Lianna v3”. We can redo it during the week, if you have other plans for Saturday evening than watching the server :wink:

Edit: The upload stopped at 93%.

@new_vision I’m using some samples of my own, but they’re working fine in other soundsets.