Soundset Size Limit?


Hey folks! I have about a GB of files that I want to put into a soundset. In the past, I have tried to upload larger soundsets, but run into issues where they never show up for the Fantasy Player, even thought I designated it as a fantasy player set.

Do I need to trim more?


Yup, by quite a bit I’m afraid. The Syrinscape Soundset Creator does compress files but if you look at one of our original content soundsets you will see that they very rarely pass 70mb. Remember the Syrinscape functions much like a mixer, playing multiple sounds at once. If a soundset is to big then it will really slow down the process.

Have a play around saving your files as Wav’s or Ogg’s, cut down the number of long music tracks and divide your soundset into multiple souundsets, like the Soundpacks we release for the AP’s. That way you might have to flit between two or three soundsets but you will have all of the content that you want/need. :smile:


Hmm. That is shame. I was planing to have a mood with 10 or 20 different songs that are randomly played without having to worry about repeating a song. Those moods would be like ‘combat’ or ‘exploration’ where I just play it and forget it. Bummer.


How do you import your own sound files into Syrinscape? Does one have to have the subscription to do so? I can’t afford that due to serious budget restraints…


Hey @madmaxneo1, yes you would need the Syrinscape Soundset Creator to be able to import your own content and build your own soundsets. The Syrinscape Soundset Creator is available to all of our Supersyrin Subscribers


That sucks. So those who can’t afford a subscription aren’t able to use the soundset creator?


The Creator needs access to the server and all of our samples to work. So only Supersyrin users would be able to get the full benefit of the software or be able to sync their creations.

The software was also super expensive to develop so its only really fair that our Supersyrin subscribers get access to it’s part of their subs


In case of music, @chad_k_jackson, I can suggest using music player instead. I personally use my own music background on sessions played with MediaMonkey. Why? I can easily add tags to all mp3 files I have in the comments section of the mp3 meta and then quickly search for the music that has (or not, since there’s a whole simple query syntax available) given tags.

Usually I change all my Syrinscape sets to run without music (which is kind of problematic - I’d rather have separate button for turning off all music samples globally - like in settings) and then use own music.


Regarding subscription plan for having creator access. I thought that too awhile, but in fact this makes sense. Since they keep our sets on the server the cost covers space. Not that it cannot be implemented to be used locally. This is a business-driven decision only and they have right to do that. If you think different, maybe try to start some Open Source initiative to create own player and creator. It is a lot of work. And I would be glad also to use such, maybe even help develop such. Until then there’s no real competition for Syrinscape.