Soundset Questions and Issues

Forgive me if this has been answered, I posted this in the wrong place, or any other issues. Now onto the post:

I recently acquired this lovely program, and am playing for the SuperSyrin subscription. The biggest issue I am seeing off the bat is the bulk and clutter of everything in the library. While I could spend hours customizing sounds in order to make what I need, most of the sounds that I want I would figure would already be available, or otherwise be simply named.

An example: When I look up Tavern, I get a myriad of things. Some of them self descriptive, others not. Why aren’t ‘Tavern Brawl’, ‘Friendly Tavern’, ‘Seedy Tavern’, etc not all in the same set? Or if not the same set then have their own subsets within the ‘Tavern’ set?

Which brings me to my main question, are there just generic sound sets that are in their own right self descriptive? E.g. I load up tavern and all the different types of tavern noises and oneshots are there. I load up ship, and I could select from ‘Calm Sea’, ‘Stormy’, ‘Combat’, etc.

While there are obviously some, it is just frustrating that I would have to look through so many uniquely named things that are too specific for my own usage, and loading through the different sets in a game is already slow and disruptive as it is.

Side questions (these are not the focal point of the post, but I figured to ask anyways):

-Is there a way to export our sound setting for a set(not the actual sounds themselves) to share or save in case something happens? Last thing I wanna do is spend hours making my own sounds and have them disappear or accidently deleted.

First off - appreciate your thoughts and for reaching out to us here!

SoundSet organisation of such a huge library is a challenge, for sure. There are potentially limitless ways anyone could want the library organised, and there are community efforts to make SoundSets just for weather and things like this. With a SuperSyrin subscription, you are welcome to make your own custom SoundSets organised how you like, and even submit them to be Community Content, if you feel they could help others.

You may also be interested in joining our beta search feature that could give you more relevant results for your search query, making prep work easier for you in the future. Just let us know here and we can flip the switches so you can see this in your Master Interface. We also have in mind a system that will facilitate the sorts of things you’re thinking here, to better instruct search on what is relevant.

As for the exporting, if you check the top right menu, there is a Download Remote Control Links (CSV) option that lets you export a list of all the Elements and Moods you have access to. Although this is designed to give you the links you would need to facilitate some API integration, and not quite what you’re asking for, we take regular backups of the database, and that csv should include all the IDs we might want when trying to restore a somehow lost piece of configuration.

Hope this helps!

I thank you for your time, and letting me know an answer to everything I asked. I would not mind trying to beta, and overall can’t wait to see what else you have in store.

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I think I just flipped the right toggles for you to see Search in the Master Interface and to see the forum section for providing feedback. Let me know if I missed something!

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