Soundset > Oneshot listing out of order


I’m having an issue where my oneshots are not showing up in the order that I saved them in the Creator. I’ve deleted my soundset several times and made sure to save everything in the correct order in the Creator. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.


Yup. This has been a bug that has been hard to fix.


  1. Creator functionality is moving online to where you’ll be working directly with the Syrinscape database on our server = no more downloads or uploads. At that point we will iron some of these last remaining bugs out.

  2. In the meantime, I can manually reorder your OneShots for you myself. Just post the desired order here and I’ll fix asap.



The soundset is called, “ToA: Syndra Silvane’s Curse” They (the oneshots) are labeled 00.10a, b, c, etc, thanks a lot! The music and soundfx ones are fine. I thought I was doing something wrong heheh.



(under the settings cog)

  1. Clear the SoundSet data in the Player and then reinstal in the normal way

2) Run an update on the SoundSet (you might need to hit RELOAD or restart the player to find the update in the options

Working for you now?


[My Soundset][1]

A and B are still reversed, the following ones are now in order.


Have you deleted and reinstalled a new version?

Looks right when I install it.

Nice voices btw! :smile:


Thanks! How do you delete a soundset from the player? NM… just figured it out ha. Yep, all looks great, TYVM for the help! I used MaxVovPRO to do Syndra’s voice, and of course, the narrator is my own.