Soundset Not uploading


My Soundset not uploading. The creator gets to 100%, but it doesn’t show up in the player, nor online under my campaigns. I have read other posts to learn about what could be wrong. I have gone through my soundset many times looking for anything named the same thing, made sure everything has a reverb, and play order. All of my samples are from other soundsets, none are custom.

Any ideas? Could you check my error log?


I guess you have chosen a category for the soundset to show up in? How long did you wait for it to show up? Sometimes the server needs some time transcoding everything if it is a rather large soundset. And - what’s the name of the soundset?


Yes, it is set to fantasy. It has been hours ago.

No special characters in moods and Soundset name, including samples, only alphanumeric. File size is 61mb.

Gets to 100%


I’m going to try and break it into 3 separate Soundsets and see if that helps.


@derrick OK I can reproduce this.

Dev team will kick the SoundSet upload process back into action.

Stay tuned!



There for you now?


Yes, they all showed up in a flood > <

I did not realize how many times i tried to upload this Soundset over the past week. I will clear out the duplicates, and retest. Thank you for your attention. And making me feel valued as a customer : )