Soundset not updating


Hi - I updated a soundset this morning about 15 hours ago for an session that I just ran tonight. No matter how many times I cleared the data and tried to re-download the soundset it still has not updated to the newest version despite syrinscape creator/online player showing the correct sounds in the soundset.

Am I doing something wrong? I thought 15 hours would be enough time! It’s too late for tonight but want to know for the future to make this work as it still is not updated.



I’m having the same issue with my app. I’ve created my campaign online and got it up on the app easily enough but after I made some changes online I can’t seem to get the app to update no matter how many times I reload or relog.


Hey, @sonofconan a couple more avail_chapter errors here.

@jbg232 @mjdibenedetto
Let us know whether getting your stuff right now is urgent (which is totally fine) and we will reset your accounts… otherwise let us take a look BEFORE we fix to try and work out what is causing this error to come back.


I personally am not in a huge rush. I got a few weeks before I actually start running my campaign .


Tomorrow is my last night running this campaign and I am fine waiting to fix it until after so that when I make my soundset for next week this doesn’t happen. I don’t want to break anything before tomorrow night.