SoundSet for Storm King's Thunder


Hi there, I’m DMing for the first time, and I’m (possibly naively) going to run Storm King’s Thunder, starting with lvl 1 PCs. I’m still wrapping my head around Syrinscape. I’m trying to put together some soundsets, organized into the chapters and settings of the campaign. Any advice for doing that?

Storm King's Thunder

Kudos to you for DMing!

If you can tell me what’s going on in the adventure, I can certainly recommend some soundsets for you! Where are the PCs, who/what do they encounter, what’s the tone of the adventure? Give me specifics and I can help you out! :slight_smile:



The main locations/encounters of Chapter 1 are:
Goblins ambushing a wagon on the road
Goblins ransacking a town (with a possible goblin interrogation)
A tense interrogation with a human spy (with a possible chase)
A short battle at a windmill
A meeting with thankful nobility in their keep
A dungeon crawl into a wet cave, with a pool in one room, a pair of ogres, and either a goblin battle or tense negotiation.

That’s quite a bit of the first part there (up to 4th level), so that would certainly get me started.
thank you so much!



Ambush - There’s a soundset called Wagon Journey, and combine that with Goblin Battle for the attack.

Ransack - Goblin Battle again, or Attack on Sandpoint. For the interrogation, you could use some of the tense sounds from Elements - Horror, maybe with some of the goblin one-shot sounds from Glassworks.

Spy Interrogation - Elements - Horror again for tension during the scene, maybe some of the resonance sounds from Shimmering Veils. For the chase scene, there are running sounds in Fighter - Male and Rogue - Female, and you could use the city ambiance in Brindle Town. Maybe some faster battle music from Music - Hell’s Rebels. Or Music - Epic Star Battles has some great fast-paced music for chase scenes!

Windmill battle - Angel in the Tower has some great creaking structural sounds, and Magnimar also has some sound elements called “watermill machinery” that would work great for if the windmill is going full-tilt. For “battle” sounds, pop over to one of the battle sets (I used Giant Rat Battle) and turn on the “armor foley” and “weapon impact” sounds to add in combat noises. I also like the battle music from Music - Hell’s Rebels set.

Meeting with nobility - Masquerade Ball or Vyre Banquet have some pleasant murmuring crowd sounds, along with stately music. You could also use Friendly Tavern, the “A Quiet Corner By The Fire” mood, just turning off the coin noises and whatnot.

Dungeon Crawl - Dungeon Depths is your best place to start, with Flooded Cavern for the wet parts/pool parts. You can also use Fountain Room if there is a waterfall or spring or whatnot. There is an Ogre Battle set you can add in to the dungeon noises, and then Goblin Battle noises if things get violent. Negotiation as per the suggestions above, or just use some of the Dungeon Depth noises/music, because that set’s pretty creepy and tense on its own.

I hope that helps! :slight_smile: