Soundset Features instead of picture and "Install now" button for non-installed soundsets

I am using the desktop clients (Sci-fi and Fantasy) as the online is out of question for my setup. Searching for soundset is big pain as names are not intuitive and I feel that when I search it does not look into keywords in the Soundset.

Still, there is something that can significantly improve the browsing experience:

Rather than showing the background and soundset size + install, to show the Soundset Feature as in the webpage so I know what I am going to install in addition to the “install” button.

It is super annoying to have to install something to find out I don’t like it or need it or go to the webpage, search for the features and etc.


Hiya, :slight_smile:

I suggest you give the Online Player a try… no installing needed, everything just plays straight away… and you can see the full features of a SoundSet as soon as you click on it.

You don’t need a Sub to run the Online Player, it’ll show you everything you own or have access to. You only need the SuperSyrin to run remote games.


Actually the reason I use Syrinscape is because of the offline players. :slight_smile:
Nothing beats desktop + local data from performance and bandwidth perspective.

Soooo… actually… the Online player will use considerable LESS bandwidth than the offline Players.

When a sample is needed (when you play something new), the Online player downloads that sample right then and there and then Caches that sample. If a different SoundSet needs that same sample, it uses the already Cached sample.

The actual play commands are VERY VERY small indeed, so don’t really count for the tally.

So unless you need to actually run games away from the internet entirely the Online Player will use less bandwidth.

Does that makes sense? :slight_smile: :robot:

It does, indeed. Thank you for the clarification, it is great to know how a product operates in order to make better decisions on how to use it and use it properly! :slight_smile:

My case is probably more special and several factors are involved in the decision to use offline player:

  1. I am using several sound sources in addition to Syrinscape and while they behave the same with the caching mechanism, there is always constant download involved, especially on the playlists with varieties.
  2. I have mixing and routing software for better immersion and control on the levels (some soundsets don’t sound equal and I have to apply normalization across)
  3. After all those things are done I then stream to players. Therefore it is not an option to ask them to connect to Online player, as it serves only syrinscape and nothing else.
  4. When we turn video it adds extra burden :slight_smile: When I am home with blessed internet things are fine, but this is not always the case.

Also, the offline players are more snappy when it comes to loading and browsing the content.

I already found case for using the Online player and this is great. Keep up the good work, but please give us overview in the offline players :smiley:

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