Soundset creator not working - RESOLVED


Hi, I was working on some custom soundsets last night in the web soundset creator thing, when it all stopped working. I can click the buttons, the blue bar whizzes along the top of the browser and then nothing. They dont even show they are playing (the little wheels outside the elements dont appear).

The desktop app is running and showing as connected (the yellow bar on the browser reliably comes and goes as the app is open and closed)

so far I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the online player app (I’ve tried two different install locations) , I’ve also found and deleted the reg entries the app installs that the uninstaller leaves behind (tsk tsk) :wink:

I’ve also tried two different browsers, chrome, which is the one that was working all yesterday evening until it stopped, and edge.

Nothing seems to work, the only thing I’ve found is, there’s a reg entry called “mainVolume_h1358461062” that’s set up as a DWORD entry, but the value is saying its not a valid DWORD value. I tried manually replacing this with an entry of the same name with a valid DWORD value but once the app opens is seems to overwrite this. This could be a total red herring of course.

I’d really appreciate a speedy response on this, I was very much in the flow of creating a collection of soundsets for a game I’m going to be running and this is pretty frustrating.

For anyone repsonding, I work in software dev so if you want to go a little deeper or whatever dont worry about me keeping up :slight_smile:

All input will be greatly received


i too am having this exact same issue. It’s very frustrating. :frowning:


I found spamming change server fixed it in the end. It was moving me between s2 and s5 , which were both busted. It finally put me in s4 and everything started working, so I assume it was the servers being busted


@redgex We monitor how many times users request to move to a new server, and if there are enough requests (currently 2) in a short window (currently 5 minutes), we restart that server process as a precaution while we work on improving server stability in general.