Soundset Creator -> Fantasy Player disconnect



I am new to the Soundscape creator and I followed the YouTube video by this attractive gentleman:

I literally copied everything he did EXCEPT I have used my own audio file. I’ve got rain and thunder and everything plays beautifully - except that it only works online.

When i open the Fantasy Player, I see my Soundset; the problem being that its empty. No elements, no oneshots, nothing. I am not super tech savy but I really want to fall in love with this program. What am I doing wrong?


@saccardo.william After you make a change to your private soundset in the creator, a spinner icon will appear after the title in the soundset list. That means it’s waiting in the queue to prepare a genre player download.

If there’s a problem, the spinner should be replaced with an exclamation icon that may include a hint in its tooltip on mouse over. If the download is successfully prepared, the spinner should disappear.

If you have already installed the soundset in the genre player, you will near to clear the data for that soundset (via genre player settings) and then reinstall it to get the latest version.