Soundset Creator Download Link Broken? - RESOLVED



I’m having some difficulty finding a functional link to download the syrinscape soundset creator. This is the link I found and it seems to be broken

It says an email has already been sent but I figured I’d ask so I could maybe get an idea if this is some sort of server maintenance or something that’ll take longer to resolve.

Not really a dire issue or something just trying to get an idea of when I might be able to sit down and download it. Super super excited to try it out.


The link to download the Syrinscape Soundset Creator is visible at the very top of the website when you are logged into your account and have an active Supersyrin subscription. You will ONLY be able to see the link if you are logged in and have a valid sub

The link you have posted above is from quite a while back, back, when the Creator was still in beta and will no longer work


I’m a super-splendipherous-subscribernomatron, and I CAN’T figure out where the F*** to download the content from.
I’m using the Android tablet that I use at my game table to run Syrinscape. None of the tips seem to help.


Every link just brings me to a video or something.
“Oi, mate! Ye must have just downloaded the soundset creator, so now I’m ‘onna show ye’ tew’ews it, right?”
NO! I’m tryin’a download it, but ye’ f***** C**TS ain’t tellin’ me how!


Hey, the Creator is actually this very week going Online. We’ve got lots to do to document is, and change the demo videos and everything… but for the moment, start here: and have a go for yourself.

Working? :smiley: