Soundset Creator - Download All?


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Download all or the ability to queue all the soundsets would’ve been awesome!


same here, bandwidth and storage are no problem, but every time i change tablets (ive had a few in the last couple of years) i have to manually download everything again :frowning:

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Gotcha! :smile:

(This is on the list)

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Hi there,

My group and I love the application, thank you!

I’m writing this just to “+1” on a “download all sounds and sets” feature. It would be a huge time saver.


Yep we’ve got this one on on the list Make sure you give it a vote there if it’s a feature you want adding. The more votes suggestions get the more likely it is that we can look at doing it :smile:

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OMG Yes, please! I’m currently using SoundSet Creator on a Mac using Windows (Bootcamp) and it takes almost a minute for each one. Factor in boredom time and distractions, and it’s taken an hour and I’m not even a fourth of the way done!

PS. I’ve been told it isn’t like this on an actual PC.

PPS. I have a hand cramp.


+1. This would save me loads of time!

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In fact…

We are planning to remove the need to download and pre-install anything at all!



That’s what I said! :smile:

(i.e. required samples to playback what you just clicked are delivered with the call to play. Interface items are delivered when you click on the SoundSet for the first time.)

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I definitely want a “download all that I don’t already have” option.

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Yup. I hear you… still this. :slight_smile:

benjamin, post:14, topic:1357"]
We are planning to remove the need to download and pre-install anything at all!

tldr - Why the huge delay for a highly requested and easy to implement feature?

I absolutely love Syrinscape, been paying for premium for a while now. But seriously… this is the most requested feature on the +1 list, it’s been sitting on the list since 2016, and we still don’t have it. I’m getting tired of having to download and redownload the sound sets every time I use a new system/device. When are we getting this feature? It would seem to be incredibly easy to add a ‘download all’ button, or at least offer the sounds as a separate download or something for registered users that could be expanded into the sound folder. What’s the deal?

The most development time was spent for the creation of the master/minion solution, so the creator hasn’t had too much love in the last year. But as it runs quite solid for a beta it wasn’t very high in priority.
I don’t know how easy it is to implement such a feature, but i assume it sort of is a bigger deal than one anticipates.But your answer wakes the curiosity in me - how often do you change your system so you have to set up everything again? I have the Creator on my laptop running for almost two years now without a reinstall and it still runs like a charm. A solid work environment shouldn’t bring up the necessity of constant reinstallation. But hey - everybody handles it differently. :wink:
You are aware though, that there are close to 300 soundsets out now - and that it would be a HUGE one time download, especially as you probably don’t need everything in the creator. But with the Creator moving away from downloading at all, this point is almost obsolete for the Creator. I myself prefer working directly with the server based search engine and having access to every element there is instead of downloading 20+GB.

It might be different for the players. But be honest how often do you use EVERYTHING there is? :wink:

Because the new version of the Player gets rid of downloads altogether, just like Ben said in the post above. The new Minion/Master player is currently in beta, once it’s rolled out live there won’t be a need to download soundsets at all.

The new Player is a big project, and those take time and resources to develop but we have kept people up to date with it’s development here on the forums. In fact quite a few people from here are already testing it. Adding a “Download all” button might appear easy but it’s actually quite a lot more complex considering the transcoding and file sizes. It also would take time away from developing the new version of the Player, which contains lots of new requested features.

Well. That’s disappointing that the players that I use and have been paying a not-insignificant amount of $ for are not continuing to be developed at this time. As I run my games at a live table, the new remote player is of no value to me. I understand that you are developing to your broadest market, but I still stand by the fact that this feature request was made in 2016 and had the largest +1 votes of the feature requests visible and yet was never implemented, even though the developer said that it was ‘on the list’ in October of 2016. Developing a new player does not = ‘on the list’. Two different animals.

As to why I want ‘all’ of the sound-sets available, it’s because if I want to be able to quickly browse through the list to find an appropriate set for the moment, I need the sets downloaded. If I don’t have the sets downloaded, I can’t quickly preview them, and if I can’t quickly preview it then I don’t know if they’re appropriate to the moment.

Regardless of how I or others utilize Syrinscape, whether we switch devices/platforms or not, I’d think that the request, and the simplicity of the request (I’m sorry, but as a former developer it is simple - saying it’s not is just disingenuous) would have made it a priority. Having a checkbox where all the sound sets were automatically queued for download would be easy and super-useful. If you’re concerned about our bandwidth or data plan on mobile devices, that’s fine - then put a warning with an extra checkbox confirming the data impact for the download.

Ultimately I just don’t understand why it wasn’t done. ‘We’re working on something new’ is not a fair answer to paying customers.

The current player is still being developed and will continue to be but we are also developing the new player because it allows us to implement many of the features most requested by people.

These being that it can be used for online games or traditional games, no longer needs to download content, which prevent long download times and will allow you to quickly search and listen to content as well as avoiding taking up excessive space on people’s devices. better customisation of soundset and the ability to play in the background. All of these are features that people have requested and have been keen to see implemented, which is why we have looked at ways to implement them all rather than just picking one.

This year is all about improving our current App and content but also being able to offer a platform that is more versatile and even easier to use

Most importantly though, Jeff, THANKS so much for your support as a sub! It’s the big group of awesome people like you, who keep us ticking over and working hard to make better stuff! Including the features above AND other improvements cued up for release in the Players (eg separate volume control for OneShots).

In the meantime, I offer :cookie: :pizza:

Just to be clear to be clear (cince I just noticed the actual heading of this topic). :smile:

Are you, @syrinscape1 talking about a DOWNLOAD ALL button in the Players, or the Creator?!?

Hi Ben,

Thanks for responding personally, I appreciate it. I am specifically talking about the players (fantasy and sci-fi), although it would also be super-useful in the creator. The link earlier in this thread to the requests-post confused me, as there are requests for both a player-based download-all feature and a creator-based download-all feature.

If a download-all sound sets feature is actually already buried in the players somewhere I’m gonna feel WAY stupid (and have to buy you cookies and pizza). :stuck_out_tongue:


He he.

No there’s no DOWNLOAD ALL in the Players… :smiley: he he… my point was that the Creator WILL be fixed as soon as we impliment the Minion architecture int he Creator… which is super cool… and will behave like I described above.

OK… back to business as usual… at the moment we are just dealing with the teething issues of changing to AWS… nail biting stuff!

Also… I still get to buy you pizza when we meet? At any cons this year?