Soundset Creator - Download All?


The current player is still being developed and will continue to be but we are also developing the new player because it allows us to implement many of the features most requested by people.

These being that it can be used for online games or traditional games, no longer needs to download content, which prevent long download times and will allow you to quickly search and listen to content as well as avoiding taking up excessive space on people’s devices. better customisation of soundset and the ability to play in the background. All of these are features that people have requested and have been keen to see implemented, which is why we have looked at ways to implement them all rather than just picking one.

This year is all about improving our current App and content but also being able to offer a platform that is more versatile and even easier to use


Most importantly though, Jeff, THANKS so much for your support as a sub! It’s the big group of awesome people like you, who keep us ticking over and working hard to make better stuff! Including the features above AND other improvements cued up for release in the Players (eg separate volume control for OneShots).

In the meantime, I offer :cookie: :pizza:


Just to be clear to be clear (cince I just noticed the actual heading of this topic). :smile:

Are you, @syrinscape1 talking about a DOWNLOAD ALL button in the Players, or the Creator?!?


Hi Ben,

Thanks for responding personally, I appreciate it. I am specifically talking about the players (fantasy and sci-fi), although it would also be super-useful in the creator. The link earlier in this thread to the requests-post confused me, as there are requests for both a player-based download-all feature and a creator-based download-all feature.

If a download-all sound sets feature is actually already buried in the players somewhere I’m gonna feel WAY stupid (and have to buy you cookies and pizza). :stuck_out_tongue:



He he.

No there’s no DOWNLOAD ALL in the Players… :smiley: he he… my point was that the Creator WILL be fixed as soon as we impliment the Minion architecture int he Creator… which is super cool… and will behave like I described above.

OK… back to business as usual… at the moment we are just dealing with the teething issues of changing to AWS… nail biting stuff!

Also… I still get to buy you pizza when we meet? At any cons this year?


Will this new player require users to have an active internet connection to use?