Soundset approval


July 22 I uploaded a soundset that I created using existing elements. It is now almost July 24th. When I look at it tells me it is still “pending approval” how long does this normally take?


Hi @chizmadia,

Just to avoid confusion.

Are you wanting to:

  1. Use the SoundSet yourself in the Online Player and Fantasy Player
  2. OR share the SoundSet you built with the whole SuperSyrin subscriber community?

Let me knw, then I can give you an intelligent answer. :slight_smile:


Sorry to “hijack” this thread - but @benjamin, I’m still waiting on a reply to the last email I sent you 2-3 days ago (depending upon when you read this)

Sorry for the interruption - and now back to your program.


Ah, yes, thanks for the bump.

Things are pretty crazy here right now as well roll rapidly up to Gen Con!

I will endeavour to take a look tomorrow! :slight_smile: :zzz:


That’s cool - when you’ve got time.

I just wanted to make sure you’d seen it (the email) - there’s no rush.



I just want to use the Soundset myself in the Sci-Fi player preferably. I know when i tried selecting the sci-fi option it would would revert to fantasy


Thought that might be the case. What you did was propose it as community content. You don’t need to do that to just use it in your own Players. I will reject the request and that should make it appear for your own personal use again.

You SHOULD be able to select whatever Genre you chose… can you give me a few more details about what your are doing and what the UI is doing when you try to set the Genre?


Can you tell me the name of the SoundSet?


it is called Coalition


@chizmadia @benjamin There was a bug where changes to the category were not being saved, and you would see that in the master interface as a revert back to fantasy after making a change. That’s been fixed and should no longer be happening on production.


@chizmadia You can also withdraw your own request for review as community content, which will again make the soundset private (to your account), editable, and (hopefully) available in the genre players. You might need to tweak something (e.g. rename and then rename back) to force a new snapshot.


Thank you very much for that