Sounds of the Goblin Market


The PCs in my campaign are soon to visit the Goblin Market.

Is there anything existing that I could use for this? or does anyone have any good suggestions on how to create a custom mood for this from existing elements?
(I am not a supersyrin so have to use custom moods for this.)

This is how Patrick Stuart describes the place (inspired by Christina Rossetti):
• whining drone of indistinct music, din of excited chatter
• The entire open clearing is filled with tents, merchants, wagons, animals, giants, gnomes, elves, sidhe, and monsters of a hundred kinds all seeking to buy, cheat, steal, and sell their various goods.
• Hawkers selling, at the top of their lungs, hunting imps, bottled passion, house goblin servants, cold iron exorcisms (to banish mortals), hibernation incantations, baking incantations, debauchery, waterproof roofing
• Everything moves to the beat of music coming from everywhere: pipes, drums, and harps
• barking food cart chefs hawking delicacies both strange and commonplace
• Goblins everywhere crawling, capering, sleeping, marching, pulling, carrying, buying, selling, stealing and lying


Ok, so let’s start with Magnimar or Bustling Port Town, and then whichever one you chose, select the Market mood. Whichever one you don’t, turn on the “hawker” element in the other as well, for maximum hawkage. I’d also turn on the hawker element in Local Heroes, because that is a female hawker, while the others are male. You can kick up the gossip and crowd noise in either one.

Now, to make the giants/animals/monsters, I’d bust out Stone Giant Battle and turn on the Barl Breakbones element. Gnoll Battle - maybe turn on some of the male and female gnoll elements, and some laughter. Turn on Goblin Battle’s goblins and Gnomeland Security’s various gnome elements. Perhaps some wolf growls from Lycanthrope Stalker or tiger growls from Tiger Battle for a little more fun. I’d also grab Lair of the Siren and turn on “she’s angry now” and “alluring words”. Hook Mountain also has “hags feeling ugly” which could be a good add.

Mad Scientist’s Laboratory has some bubbling and sizzling elements, which could be good for cooking.

Music - Bridle Town’s music, Tavern Brawl’s music, Waterdeep’s “Day of Wonder” element, Gnomeland’s Security “Hoedown”, maybe Ettin Battle’s “duet of terror” element.

Whining Drone - Elements - Horror has many kinds of drone to choose from!

I hope that helps! Lemme know if you need another kind of sound!


Thanks once again, HECook. I took almost all of your suggestions and the babbling insanity of the mix is just about perfect for where the PCs are headed.

Your suggestions make Syrinscape so much better for everyone.


Anytime! I once made a similar set for Skullport, which is a lawless market on the underside of the Forgotten Realms metropolis of Waterdeep; it just had a few less hawkers and some more ghost/unsettling sounds. :smiley: Game on!