Sounds of Looms, Sewing, Spinning, etc


Okay, here’s a tough one:

any sound suggestions for a role-playing encounter in a room with an enormous loom whose shuttle moves so fast it can’t be seen (run by quicklings) and whose threads seem to sing a song of power . . . Meanwhile, arenea disguised as old fey women knit and sew, perhaps murmuring to each other . . .


Try the “watermill machinery” element, which can be found in Magnimar or Bustling Port Town. It’s a wooden machinery sound with rolling elements. You could use the “happy rich murmuring” element from Friendly Tavern for the murmuring. Dungeon of the Mad Mage level 4 has elements called “distant skittering” and “close skittering”, which could pass for needles clacking when not turned up too high.

How does that work?


That worked great. I don’t know how you do what you do, HECook, but I truly appreciate it.