Sounds of crying, wailing, sobbing


I am looking for crying. I am running the curse of Strahd campaign and need this sound to add that ambience into the village of Barovia.

I have 17 of the soundsets like spooky, deserted house, mad scientist lab and there is no crying, I’m for looking for suggestions.


Haunted Heart - the element “Myrana crying”. Black Magga - element “children crying”. Hell - element “crying youth”, “weeping man”, “weeping woman”.


See… I knowed you’d know @HECook :beers:

I think you know where things are in this App even better than me Holly!

There was a girl at my church when I was young who knew every Hymn by its Hymn book page number. It’d be like, “Emma, what number is To God be the…” “687”. Yup. She could really do that.

It’s a certain brain type. :smile:


Thank you both, this weeks journey into the Village of Barovia will be more complete now with the “Hell sound pack”
It sounds awesome! and your help is fantastic HeCook, also Mr.Benjamin thanks you for quick response thru email and your attention to detail following up on the forums.


@Wusker :slight_smile:

*mumbles something about extra characters