Sounds not appearing / limits per Soundset? - RESOLVED


As with all users, I am trying to work on methods of using Syrinscape that works for my DM style. My current approach is to use a separate app for music and the Syrinscape Fantasy Player as a soundboard for all FX and weather effects, which is working well.

As part of this, I created a “Battle Interface Soundset” which I was planning to store and have easy access all of the best battle SFX (rather than rushing between Soundsets awkwardly). I began by duplicating the Wizard Spells DND Soundset and then adding a few choice rogue SFX, but - several days on - the new SFX has not shown up. The Soundset is there in the Player, but it is just a copy of Wizard Spells DND - despite the Creator showing my new SFX.

Is there an upper limit for the number of one shot SFX per Soundset, or could my account be stuck? I’ve cleared the relevant cache and reloaded several times, but no luck so far.



@jamesrichardmarzec thanks for this report. I checked and confirmed that the generation of snapshots for this soundset for the genre players was not picking up the latest changes.

I was able to fix it for you by making a temporary change to put it back into the queue. I appended “test” to the soundset name, watched the blue progress bar at the top complete (to confirm the change was saved) then changed it back.

When a soundset has modifications that are pending inclusion into a snapshot for the genre players, you will see a little zip file icon after the soundset name, and the tooltip will explain that a download is being prepared.

When the download has been prepared, the icon will disappear and you should be able to install your updated soundset in the genre players.

Don’t hesitate to reach out again if you still see that your changes are not propagating to the genre players even after the zip file icon has disappeared from the master interface.


Thank you! This fixed it all up for me.