Sounds found through search not playing

I love the search feature as it allows me to find that right sound I’m looking for. However, sometimes, there are sounds that I find that when I press play from the resulting list, I hear nothing at all. For example, I searched for “Griffon” and the results gave me various sound bytes called “Griffon Calls”, “Griffon babies”, etc. So from that list, I hit play , but no sound emerges.

Do I need to do something different to get the sound to play, am I overlooking something or is this a bug?


That is a known issue, which we are working to get resolved as quickly as we can. Ben actually has already addressed it in another post, here is a link to that, Can’t hear samples played from the library browser

It is definitely a feature we are very eager to get restored!


Okay so I just invested into Syrinscape today away from home and I was getting no sound on my phone when trying to make a playlist in the master interface. However, I muddled around in the app and I could hear everything there. Now that I’m home and on my computer, I still have no sound in the master interface no matter how many samples I try. Is this a related issue?

Edit: I just misunderstood how it worked. I was expecting to be able to hear the samples through my web browser, but I’ve downloaded both apps on my computer and checked them out. Sorry about that!

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Hehe, no problem. Yes with Syrinscape Online you will still need to download the Online Player to hear the sounds. But with the Syrinscape Web Player, our newest Player you will hear the sounds directly in your browser :slight_smile:

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This should now be resolved! You can now enjoy Sample playback from inside without the need for the external Online Player application.

For more details, see: [Master Interface/Web Player] Hearing Samples from Search and Element Playlist