Sounds for a One on One Duel


There’s going to be a formal, very tense, rapier-on-rapier duel in my next session. It’ll be held in the courtyard of the shadow fey palace, among a crowd of spectators.

I don’t want anything too involved, but was wondering if HE cook or anyone else had suggestions on background music or elements for sword contact. The combatants will be unarmored, though one will be carrying a torch.

I could also cue up a non-Syrinscape music track to use over swordplay/fight elements on Syrinscape, so if anyone has suggestions for good music for a tense, formal one-on-one battle like this, please let me know.


There is a torch sound. Also blade swipe, blade hit, and blade clash sounds that could be very useful.


Direpetion and Rats has two elements for swords that might be useful. One is “knifeplay” and the other is “rapier slash”. The “Direption battle” music is also nicely tense. Using the set Dark Winds Whisper and the element “staff hits”, and combining that with a constant low fire noise, such as “brazier flames” from Elements - Fire, would give you the torch sound. You can also use sounds from Rogue - Female and Fighter - Male to give you precise swing/hit sounds for dramatic timing.

As for crowds - there’s a low-grade hushed crowd sound in Attack on Sandpoint, the “ready for speeches” element. Or you can use any of the background chatter in Friendly Tavern, Brindle Town, Bustling Port Town, or Magnimar if you’d like a larger, louder crowd. If you have the Stony Beach set, you should also have several universal elements that may be of use - such as the Gasp, Awww, Ooooo, Huzzah, and Yay, to punctuate the fight.

I hope that helps!


Thank you both so much—I’ll get to work!