Sounds don't start for client until master restarts sound


If the master is already playing a sound when a client is started, then the client does not start playing any sounds until the master controller restarts either the sound.

It would be nice for the sound to be started immediately on a new client joining.


When you start a new mood or trigger a sound then the Master Interface sends the trigger to your Players Online Player, instructing it to play the sounds. If your players have not yet joined the game then they wont be able to receive that trigger.

Either make sure that all of your players are in the game before you start the sounds or start the sound again and this time anybody logged in will hear it.


An improvement would be for the master interface to automatically send the start instruction when a new player joins to a master interface that is already playing a mood.

I can see how a manually triggered individual sound might not need to be copied on first connecting, but having the player join the current mood would be very useful.


@Farling This does not happen because we want to keep the sound in sync across all the players. If one player quits and then relaunches the app 5 minutes after the GM triggered a mood, and we told the player to start the current mood on reconnect, they would be starting 5 minutes out of sync. For example, they may be playing different music, and may have a “surprise” element that triggers some time after the mood start occur 5 minutes later than everyone else.

Trying to have the player restart with all the current samples at their current position would also be a significant undertaking to support an edge case problem, and is not something we are currently considering due to competing priorities.

Note that if the connection is merely interrupted, and the user does not quit and relaunch their player, it will continue to play the next samples for currently active elements in sync with the other players. It will only miss out on commands triggered by the GM while disconnected.