Sound suggestions for Quipper / Piranah battle?


I’ve done a search, both on the forums and in the Creator, for sounds that can be used for a swarm of Quippers (or Piranah - pretty much the same things!) and come up blank. Any suggestions? Elements or even Samples are fine - I can add them to my own mood/soundset.

The Ghosts of Saltmarsh soundsets provide some nice background sea effects, I just need the ‘frenzied attack’ noises of the fish themselves to add in. (in fact, my quipper battle replaces the ghast battle in Salvage Operation, so I just need to replace the ghast noises with quipper ones and it’d be perfect for me!)


I think your solution may lie in two sets from the Sci-Fi Player - Insectoid Hive and Swarm Attack, as these have collective small angry sounds. The element “alien flying swarm” from Swarm Attack along with the elements “skittering ones” and “critter talk” from Insectoid Hive, played with strong water/wavy/windy sounds like you suggested (perhaps add some additional splashes from Underwater - Deep Water or Black Magga Battle) might do it!

I hope that helps. :slight_smile:


Perfect, thanks so much!

The “Critter Talk” can make it sound a bit like they are being attacked by dolphins, but if you set all the reverbs to underwater, and only have that element kick in infrequently, it does add a bit of mystery and tension to the sound.

I look forward to the players meeting this sound… and wondering what it is!