Sound suddenly too low oniPad


Hi I have been using Syrinscape on my iPad for about a year. The last few weeks the sound has suddenly become really low. I have checked all my sound settings and nothing has changed. My speakers work well on everything else. It is now an unusable app as it is too low. It is fine on my phone. I will most likely stopping my subscription if I cant find a solution. I thought I would download onto my laptop and for some reason I cant.



Hey Dave,

may I ask, which version of the players are installed on your device and if the volume issue happens in all players? Also: I am no expert on Apple products, but as far as i’ve heard, there’s a Mute button in the control panel somewhere. Maybe this could cause an issue?

And finally - is it happening across different soundsets or maybe isolated to only some? :slight_smile:


Not sure what version of players an iPad uses. As I said it suddenly happened you can hear it but you have to have to iPad next to your head. So its not muted and yes it works the same on all play sets but not on other apps like YouTube. I have a game in an hour and am going to reinstall play sets again to my iPad after uploading and see if I can sort it.


What I meant: which version of the Syrinscape Fantasy and/or SciFi player do you have installed? The latest 1.3.7. for iOS? Check the gear in the lower left corner, the version number is quoted on the window popping up.

@Steve Do you have an idea? Apple is not my area of expertise… :no_mouth:


Apple have still to approve the latest version of the app so nothing has changed with the program for quite a while so whatever is effecting you has to be something local to your device.

A few things to check are;

  1. When you open the iPads control panel (flicking up from bottom of the screen) is the mute button highlighted (Bell icon)
  2. Is the iPad volume slider up to the top
  3. is Syrinscape’s master volume all the way up

Syrinscape uses the Unity platform which respects the iPads mute settings, not all apps follow this. This means that sometimes people don’t realise that the device is set to mute as it’s still making sounds


I blame actual Goblins!!! :smiley: