Sound sets with good general background music?


Could someone recommend some sound sets which contain general fantasy background music?

I have a few sound sets for disconcerting music, battle music etc. but how about just general background music such as that found on the Brindol Town or Friendly Tavern free sets? I use the music from these sets all the time and I’d like to vary it up a bit more.



Try music in Trollskull Manor, Wagon Journey, Tabletop Music (if you’re a Supersyrin, as that’s a community soundset by the very talented @davinci522), The Birds, Haunted Fortunes (the element Happy Home), Eel’s End (Tiger Tunes), Infection (Trails End).

I hope those help!


Great. Thanks for the tips. Most appreciated.


Thanks for the shout out. I just asked @benjamin to update that soundset with the new songs I have added. So hopefully over the weekend it will have a few more that can be of use.


Yup yup yup. Am totally getting to that asap! :slight_smile: :smiley: