Sound sets with good general background music?


Could someone recommend some sound sets which contain general fantasy background music?

I have a few sound sets for disconcerting music, battle music etc. but how about just general background music such as that found on the Brindol Town or Friendly Tavern free sets? I use the music from these sets all the time and I’d like to vary it up a bit more.



Try music in Trollskull Manor, Wagon Journey, Tabletop Music (if you’re a Supersyrin, as that’s a community soundset by the very talented @davinci522), The Birds, Haunted Fortunes (the element Happy Home), Eel’s End (Tiger Tunes), Infection (Trails End).

I hope those help!


Great. Thanks for the tips. Most appreciated.


Thanks for the shout out. I just asked @benjamin to update that soundset with the new songs I have added. So hopefully over the weekend it will have a few more that can be of use.


Yup yup yup. Am totally getting to that asap! :slight_smile: :smiley:


I just saw the “Shadows of Esteren Album Dearg” sound set on the Store page. It looks really good. However, when I watched the YouTube preview, Ben seemed to suggest the tracks do not play endlessly as one would expect “and that’ll be a cue that it’s time to indicate to Syrinscape that you want the next track of the album”.

Could you please confirm if these music tracks play endlessly like most Syrinscape music? If so, I’ll definitely pick this set up.


That’s right, each track from the album is a separate element, which you can play individually or by triggering the corresponding mood and playing the ambience designed for each track. It’s done that way so you can easily play the exact song that you want and put them into custom moods.

If you have a SuperSyrin sub you can also use the Creator to then group those songs however you like and add them into your own soundsets. So if you just wanted to create a single element that plays them all you can. Each of the tracks have quite different feels to them though, so in most cases you wouldn’t want them all playing in any one particular game scene