Sound Requests: Whatcha Need?


I don’t work for, or are part of the Syrinscape team, but I do have an awesome recording setup at home (mic alone cost me 1000.00 and change), as well as a field recorder, and I would love to record sounds that you feel are lacking so far.

So what kind of sounds do you all feel we need more of? Not saying I can make them all, and definitely not saying I can jump on it right away (I have a real job and a family, that get priority), but if I am going to be recording stuff, I’d like to know that I am recording stuff that is useful to the majority of the users out there.


I don’t need a specific sound, but how do you feel about walking me through a few small things the tutorials aren’t clear on, ie making a custom sounset/mood on pc, having it upload to mobile app. Shouldn’t take long if you know the app well.

Discord QuiteGoneJin#0321 if you’re considering it.