Sound of a crumbling Tower!

Searching for a specific sound is very challenging (and time consuming) in Syrinscape.

I am looking for the sound of a crumbling tower - this is a high tower, almost 200’ high that falls in on itself. I found a 'Crumbling Building" sound, but that lasts like a couple of seconds, way too short to represent a high tower disintegrating.

  1. Any suggestion on which sound I can use for this?
  2. Is there a better way to locate a specific sound? I use Foundry VTT as my table.

Thank you!!

Rime of the Frostmaiden Grimskalle has the “Fall of Grimskalle” mood, which you can alter the way you need it (probably dropping the music and the starting oneshot) and you have a (quite) big collapsing tower.

We have a new search mechanism in development that is currently in public beta - you can opt in to Experimental Features via your Profile page to give it a go if you’re interested. After you opt-in, you should see another tab in the Master Interface with the new search panel. I can not promise it will find you the exact sound you are looking for, but it is at least something else to try!

Dragon’s Demand - Welcome to Belhaim is the set you want. There’s a good crumbling tower sound in there!


Now, if only we could digitise @HECook 's brain to be our search engine :thinking:


Oh, also Curse of Strahd’s Van Richten’s Tower has a good tower collapse as well! It’s a longer one too. :smiley:

THANK you folks for the assist!!

The Only Sheet

Yes yes yes, was very proud of this one when I built it. :slight_smile: :smiley:

I love to use the Collapsing Stone One shot but thats if it’s a big one-time collapse and not like a gradual, on-going sound of a tower that’s gradually crumbling.

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