Sound not redirected on a change of windows default device

If I start the online player, the sound starts to be played on the default windows device (my speakers).

If I switch the windows output to my USB headphones while the player is still running, the sound remains coming out of my speakers, not the headphones.

After some more experimentation I got this to work properly.

With the headphones plugged in I changed the sound settings so that they were the default playback device and default communications device.

I unplugged the USB headphones, and both defaults switched to my speakers.

I plugged the USB headphones back in, and both defaults switched to the USB headphones - and Syrinscape also switched to that output.

So, no bugs in the syrinscape player - but useful information in case anybody else comes across this issue.

Yes Syrinscape will always default to your default audio device. We are looking at adding in the ability to select the output but for now always remember that Syrinscape will automatically use whatever audio output you have set when you load up the program

In the meantime, you can download and use nircmd to help automate the process somewhat.

I wrote up a whole thing on how to set it up to pipe sounds. you can ignore most of it, but there is a section on how to set up nircmd to automatically switch your default audio, launch syrinscape, then switch it back so Syrin is locked to whatever you want it to.


Thanks for the nircmd idea, I think I’d seen that previously when I installed Voicemeteer; but the online player makes that tool unnecessary for me now (we did previously use discord for voice chat, but now use the roll20 in-built version).

Certainly. I dont use it anymore either since we moved to the online player. Even then, some streamers may want to continue using nircmd even with the online player so that they can direct the audio directly into OBS or whatever streaming software they are using.

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Hey all, :slight_smile:

NOTE: Being able to set the output IS on our TO DO list… so stay tuned for that too.