Sound ends for player, continues for everyone else

I’m a player in a remote game that uses the Online player. For everyone else in the game, this seems to be working.
For me, it works when I go to Play Now -> Click to Start, but stops (eventually) after I go to another browser tab. If I reload the player page, it’ll start up again. And stop again.
Using Windows, Firefox.
Thoughts? Thanks.

Just to clarify, are you using Syrinscape Online or the Syrinscape Web Player? Above you said Online Player but seemed to be describing the Web Player.

With Syrinscape Online you will need to be running the Online Player App to hear the sounds. Once linked and running on a laptop you can minimize it and let it play in the background. On a mobile device though the App will need to remain in the foreground, but can be ran spilt screen along with a browser screen.

The Web Player however plays directly in the browser and should continue to play in the background. If you are running lots of other programs and browsers though then it is possible that your device is limiting resources to background programs to save resources?