Sound: Disturbing Rumbles


The “Disturbing Rumbles” sound is one of my favorites. Sometimes though, and Ive isolated it to this particular sound, there is a strange sound that pops up that sounds exactly like when you tap your microphone and it picks up the tap. There are 3 instances of this tapping sound, one of which is quite rather loud and inconspicuously not supposed to be there. It sounds like a bug in the recording or something. I dont think these are my speakers, they have never done this before, and the 3 tapping instances seem in the track itself with reverb applied and all.


You’re right. If you listen carefully, some disturbencies are audible.

@Benjamin - you might want to check sample one and five of the Disturbing Rumble element. The latter being the main culprit here!

Thank you for “spotting” this one, @bpais008


Youre welcome. I hope it will be fixed!


Hi all,

OK. Looking at this now. :smile:

Glad to have people’s eagle ears on these!


So hows this coming along?


Yeah. I dove into it… and it was proving very difficult to get rid of the clicks.

So I gave it a break.

The clicks are peaking clicks… but very weird. I shoooooooooooould be able to repair them… but it looks like I might need to replace the samples entirely.

Thanks for the bump!


…though… I soooort of liked the clicks originally… as if the sound is sooo deep and strong it is peaking my ears (and speakers)…

…but I will endevour to fix if people don’t like them. :smile:


I find the clicks very jarring when using the disturbing rumbles as one of the main sounds, especially that gigantic one that sounds like something plastic and hollow impacting a hard surface right next to your ear or something. Immersion breaking.

I cannot speak for others, but I would assume the clicks would not be desirable to many people. But I would certainly appreciate if these nice atmospheric samples were cleaned up though (and perhaps made a little louder at the base level; its hard to get them to stand out without maxing their volume, and drastically reducing everything elses volume).

Thanks for your work on this situation, @benjamin. Hope you can fix these!


@bpais008 OK. I’ll fix these tomorrow… your argument is good! :hand:


@benjamin so how do I go about getting the fixed samples? Ive deleted some soundsets that contained this sample and redownloaded them, but they seem to be the same samples with the same clicks, and those two samples that have those really loud echoing pops in them.


OK! So, I’m a dork. Try updating some of the SoundSets again now.

I didn’t flick the right switch!

All of these should be fixed.
dd Dragon Slayers
dd Wizard’s Estate
Mountaintop portal
SoX [all]
Green Dragon
tt Trouble in Kintargo
Mouth Horror
Grioth Battle
bbh [all]
kc [all]
Shadow Giants