Soul coin wail (día avernus) - RESOLVED


Is it loaded? Doesn’t work


I think Ben has already replied to your email about this one? But for everyone else , those were set a little too soft, Ben has gone in and updated the settings.

If you go into settings (the little cog) hit Reload and run an update on the Avernus SoundSet you’ll get the new (louder) version.

Let us know if that sounds better. :slight_smile:


Yeah, it was a good catch thanks @burgosjl Follow the instructions in my email to update the SoundSet and you’ll have those Soulcoins running at FULL POWER!!! :smiley:


Thanks Benjamin, I followed your instructions and it is indeed fixed; you guys are awesome for such quick attention to this fix!!


:slight_smile: :beers: :space_invader: :dog:

Enjoy burning up those souls!