Sorting sounds in categories FTW


Being a heavy user of Syrinscape it becomes more and more evident that a category system that allows us to seach for category elements and samples would be the best way to raise usability with the online creator tool. Just to be able to sort all the stuff you’ve created so far.

I imagine a category drop down where I could select “creature” to get a list of all creature sounds only; “music” to see only music sounds, “natural environment” to get the dripping water, water laps, pebbles falling e t c. Would that be something you guys are working on?



I just use the Library in the master interface. I enter the type of sound I am looking for and usually find something. I do agree it could be a little cleaner and easier to find certain things though, but still works pretty good.


That’s how I use it too. But I think it could be so much better. As an example - I’m looking for a musical piece to go with my current mood. I used the library and type in music. I get a list with all assets (elements in this case) that has the word music in it. But what I don’t get is the musical piece called “Hordes of undead” which is a great, dark musical piece with quires and everything. But there’s no way for me to find this, outside going through every single soundset and listening to every musical piece in these to find this. Now if I could just select category “music” and the element library would show me all assets tagged as “music” - now that’s usability.


Improving search across all the apps is a big piece of work (moving to a proper search engine backend) that we are currently looking at.