Songs not repeating? - RESOLVED


Good Day, I am usin the iOS app, while using it last weekend I was using the witchwood set and a number of the “music” would not just auto repeat. We had to turn them off and back on to gt them to go…
There was a visible reduction in what appeared to be the indicator that shows its working (like its in a delay) but then nothing would happen.

Any ideas why the app would do that?


Hi @battlewear

Here are the music tracks in Witchwood and how they behave:

  • Music (long delay) - all the songs + if this track is triggered by a MOOD it will pause for a long time before starting AND there will be a loooong delay between each track = like a movie soundtrack.
  • Music (no delay) - all the songs + this track will start immediately and has only a short pause in between tracks
  • All the other elements - just one song in each = just plays this song and then stops (in fact pauses for many hours)… you can trigger the song again by double clicking the play button (as you already noted).

Are you looking for a way of playing the one song over and over in a row?


Good day,

Yes, as far as I am aware, the music for both Witchwood and other modules was supposed to keep playing over and over. Kind of defeats the purpose of having a “Nervous wait” only play once…

Is there a way to fix that so it will play over and over? I get I can keep taping it, but honestly thats a pain in the butt when I am trying to focus on the players…


Yep like Ben said above the soundset is designed to have a long delay. If you want to have it play the music more frequently then start the mood, turn of the default Music element and start the Music (No delay) element. Once that’s done hit the little cross and save the new mood. Next time you want to use it just click your new mood


I will certainly give that a try… But I wouldnt call it a long delay, just no music after once because 10 min passed and it didnt start up again, but I will certainly look at creating that other mood.