Song playing over itself

Hello! Been a user of Syrinscape Online Player for a while now, but all of a sudden it has started to do a strange quirk. I am running my game in 30 mins and was prepping some audio music tracks, but now when I play a track it sounds like a second song starts playing at about a 1 sec delay causing the two of the same songs to play at once but 1 sec apart. As you can imagine this makes the song unplayable. I tried deleting the custom track I added and re-adding it but it is still doing it.

This is my “game recap” track that I play every session without issue but today, it just started doing this.

Any one else have this or any feedback? I know it’s a long shot but hoping to get some feedback before my session starts as I’m terrified of not having audio for my session.

Thanks everyone!

Edit it’s doing this with all of my custom music tracks. Playing double the track when I play the song from either the track itself or the mood I’ve set it in.

Edit 2: This is what I’ve tried so far:

  • Deleted the music track from the element and re-added it.
  • Deleted the element and created a new one
  • Logged out / in
  • Refreshed my page
  • Tried both normal Chrome and Incognito Chrome
  • Restarted my computer
  • Play the track directly from the element
  • Play the track from a mood I created

Nothing is working. All of my custom music is playing over itself in a 1 to .5 sec delay rendering it unusable. I have a game in 20 mins and spent a good 4 hours curating music for today’s session and now I won’t be able to use any of it and out of ideas. I’m hoping someone out there has any tips for help.

Edit 3: I tried going back to previous custom soundset I created and just played audio from a soundset used last Sunday (July 31st) for a session 0 for another campaign. It worked just fine before but now, ever song I play is playing double. Like it plays and 1 sec later it plays again overlapping on itself.

You might have two browser windows open, each playing sound? I think Chrome us a button in the toolbar which will list all the tabs that are making sound?

OR you might have the Online Player running… note that sound comes straight out of the page! :slight_smile:

Let us know how you go. :robot: :hammer:

Thanks for your reply. I did not realize that I no longer needed the Online Player up and running, and when I closed it it fixed the issue.

However, I use the Online Player to adjust my audio volume only so I can better hear my players without adjusting the volume for everyone. It seems I can no longer use the online player as when I do I get the double audio.

So how do I lower the volume for me only now?

Glad you sorted that out. :slight_smile:

Solution 1: set the volume so you are comfortable with what you are hearing, and let the players adjust their volume so they are comfortable with what they are hearing. I like this solution, because once everyone is comfy with what they are hearing, say something particularly LOUD starts that prompts you to drop the volume a little bit from that Master, that will also proportionally adjust all the players so THEY don’t need to touch a thing.

Solution 2: mute the browser tab containing the Web Player DM’s interface and open a basic player in another browser (just like you share sound with the players too). That will give you that 2nd volume slider.

Makes sense? :grin:

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Thank you so much! I appreciate you taking the time to help me. The new changes are very nice and I do like the idea of my players not having to use another tool to launch the audio.

Your second solution worked very well and now I can adjust the volume now via the Online Player app. This, for me, is important to have since my players all have different audio hardware they use. Some are quieter than others so I’m always adjusting the music volume on my end to ensure I can hear as a DM. As you can imagine, adjusting the master volume throughout the session for all my players would not work in this case. It’s strange that existing functionality would be impacted by a new release without the ability to toggle the sound on / off from the web player (though the Chrome tab muting is a good solution). I ran my session without audio today because I did not know about these new features (I get emails normally from Syrinscape but did not see a release email or any notice within the UI itself warning me about the double audio so naturally I opened the Online Player tool as usual).

Will we ever have an audio slider that will adjust the audio for the DM only
outside of the Online Player?

Thanks again for your help!

I’m not sure I follow why it matters what audio hardware the players are using? Or how loud each player’s system volume is.

Each player can adjust their own local Syrinscape volume to suit their local environment and hardware and system volume and voice chat balance etc.

You should first set the global Syrinscape volume to a level that is comfortable for you. Then each player can adjust their local Syrinscape volume to a level that is comfortable for them.

From that point on you adjust the global volume for everyone according to the scene and your players local volume offset relative to global volume is maintained.

If there’s a lot of party chat and you can’t hear over the music, turn the global volume down and everyone will be able to hear.

If you want to surprise the players with a loud dragon roar, bump up the global volume and trigger the element.

I think @andy.damato1016 is talking about his player’s voices coming in chat at different volumes to him, right, Andy? So you’re having to frequently turn down you music so you can hear particular players?

That does seem like something you might work to fix, through compressing your player’s voices or some such rather than having to grab your Syrinscape volume all the time?

Oh, so some users have their mic volume set low?

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Yes, that is correct. I generally create my own moods with many different sound fx and music. Some of those moods can be quite intense (combat normally) so I much prefer to adjust my volume only in my headphones to I can clearly hear players during the session. It’s fine for me to adjust the slider from the Online Player according. I prefer it a little louder for me as I helps me get into the rp of the game, however some of my players don’t have the best mics and as such I adjust on the fly.

Like I mentioned earlier, muting the Chrome page was the best solution for me so I can continue to use the tool as I did before (by this I mean using the Online Player app in addition to the sound board web tab).

I’m not sure if the plan is to deprecate the Online Player tool entirely and just use the web interface, but if so, I’m hoping we will get a volume slider for each individual player (DM included) to adjust their own audio volume without the master audio being adjusted. Hope that makes sense!

Either way, thanks again to you and Sonofconan for jumping in and taking the time to help.

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That all makes sense. :slight_smile:

Do note that the Online Player and Web Player make their decisions as to what to play (and when) in different ways so they will not necessarily be playing the same songs or roars at the same time (OneShots YOU trigger will be in sync of course). Just thought I would mention that for when you get a weird comment about a sound that just played. :smiley:

Rather than running the Online Player to make a local volume slider available, I would still suggest this:

Solution 2: mute the browser tab containing the Web Player DM’s interface and open a basic player in another browser (just like you share sound with the players too). That will give you that 2nd volume slider.

As for adding a local volume to the DM version of the Web Player… my feeling is with Tai that this would be confusing to most people, BUT if we get a lot of people asking for it, it is certainly straightforward to do (perhaps we could make it slide away or something).

We certainly take community consensus very seriously when deciding what to spend our dev time on next… hence getting rid of the need for players to register, download, install, link etc = Web Player = Yay! :slight_smile: