Some usability suggestions


So I absolutely love the product. And my players do to. And I love the fact that you have content for the adventures from Dungeons and Dragons!

And at the same time the how to create my own sets is confusing -

So what was really not obvious is the workflow from - here’s a new mood I want to create - to here’s the elements and here’s how I add them.

The biggest thing missing in this product is a wizard (or a structured workflow)

For example - I would have loved a wizard that I could clicked called ‘create new soundscape’ and then ‘create new mood’. Then it would walk me through the process in detail.

The next biggest usability challenge was how to add elements into a mood. It took me forever to figure out what was going on - that if I click on the + sign, it adds to the currently selected sound element that I am browsing via the property collector.

Again, if the + sign just said - “add to current element or choose another element” and then the choose would let me pick from the soundscape that would be huge.

The next biggest complexity was the “how to add elements to a mood.” Apparently that works by selecting a bunch of elements and then going to the property collector and clicking on ‘save’. This was really confusing.

I wish there was a menu that I could click that would do that for me.

Another thing that got annoying was deleting sound clips from an element. I wanted to delete 50 clips from an element because I had clicked on the + sign and didn’t achieve the goals I wanted.

Finally the user-experience model is really unclear - at least this is what I gathered.

“sounds scapes, contain elemenents and moods, moods contains elements, elements contain sounds.”

Anyways - so many ideas, and loved the product!

hi @kostadis and thanks for the feedback! We are glad to hear that you are loving using Syrinscape!

Using the Creator tools in the Web Player and Syrinscape Online can seem a little daunting at first, but it is actually quite a simple work flow and the same one that we use to build all of the content in Syrinscape.

We have posted up a series of videos, which are designed to walk you step through step with the creation process, have you seen any of those?

You can watch those videos, along with all of our other tutorials on YouTube. Here is a link to the first one, with each getting deeper under the hood,