Some thoughts from a new user

Hi all, new paid user here,

Just registered to say hi & that I’m really liking the content! Invisioning a lot of fun hours with this.

Just a problem until now: the interface is VERY confusing, like REALLY! I hope this is something I eventually overcome (or is planned for an update) but from a 1st time perspective it all seems a bit unnecessarily complicated.

Anyways, cheers.


Welcome to everythingn Syrinscape, and thank you for taking the time to give feedback. I’m going to presume you are talking about the interface here:

Syrinscape IS rich and powerful so there IS a fair chunk of learning curve. But rest assured once you’ve used it for a while, you’ll come up to speed. And WE can help you out too! :slight_smile:

We ARE planning a good set of tutorials specifical aimed at that, but haven’t got to those yet. For the moment, I recommend spending some time with this playlist… which may have some bits that are a bit wrong, but will give you LOTS of useful info never-the-less.

If you are talking about the Fantasy Player App, then this is the playlist you want instead:

Have a watch of the relevant one of those and then ask more questions here?

Enjoy all the noise!!!

Hi, thanks.

Was talking about the web app, not planning on using anything else. Like the the player but I’m starting to hate the “creator” :frowning:

Having troubles with:

  1. Just wrapping my head around the terminology and the way thinks work;

  2. Sometimes I’m using the Master Dashboard and the preview sound for the playlist doesn’t work/stream, I have to go the “regular way” to play sounds and then it will, can’t figure why, used multiple browsers!

  3. The terms used for it are kinda “complicated”, mood appear to be “compilations” of sounds or “sub-lists” with SOUNDSETS being the “categories” that may or may not have subs.

  4. Can’t find a way to rename uploaded content or a single limited personal space to find them, they’re all mixed with everything. Am I destined to have like a prefix for these files to find them in the library to add to respective lists?

  5. Global oneshots appear to not be customizable which is very weird, I can only add new ones but not remove the ones that are there already? I want to use this feature but not like this, I seem to be able to hide it by changing filtered_global_elements but was hoping not to;

I REALLY like the library of sounds, the hability to upload my own sound, players having a source for all the sound and being able to adjust it BUT the creator is turning me off a lot, generating frustration and I’m considering canceling this. Gonna give this a few hours and come back with adjusted expectations and see how it goes. Was reading in the forums that the GlobalOne Shots was talked about in 2019 but it’s 2022 and wasn’t fixed… I get it, priorities but… not feeling this interface unfortunately.

We’ll see. Thanks for the feedback though!

I can help with some terminology at least!

A soundset is comprised of various elements, that when combined in different combinations form moods.

So Dragon Battle is a soundset. It has elements that include wind, wingbeats, battle music, breathing, roaring, claw attacks, etc. The moods are preset combinations of elements. So while one mood with the dragon nearby has faint growls, breathing, and distant wingbeats, the dragon attack mood has louder growls, up-close wingbeats, claw scratches, and battle music.

I hope that helps!

Even though the creator is the more powerful tool, you may want to noodle around on the offline app for a little while just to check out the different soundset/moods and see what sounds are possible, or even already made for you.

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Thank you for your advice. Quick question: my online creator does not preview sond, is this supposed to? The weird part is I link the online player (windows app) and all of a sudden I start hearing the sounds that wont preview in the borwser! Is this expected?!?!!

Heya :slight_smile:

Sooo… the Web Player which you are using at is a complete rebuild of the Online Player to play sound directly out of the browser, instead of having to download, install and link an app.

It is however just (literally) a few days old, so there are still a few missing features AND a few bugs.

One important missing feature is, yes, the ability to preview a sample from within search OR within a playlist.

I presume you are expecting that to happen because you are watching THIS tutorial playlist?

Which is a GOOD thing to watch.

EXCEPT that there may be a few more small(ish) differences.

Since we’ve released the Web Player, I will completely remake this entire series.

BUT in the meantime, just ask lots of questions here and we’ll get you sorted. :slight_smile:

I suggest you stay connected and be on the forums advocating for the features you see as MOST important.

We’ve basically spent the last months making this HUGE change (getting rid of people needing their remote players to download, install, link etc)… and now it’s time for us to work on more of the smaller things (which will frankly be a relief for the team)! :trophy: :pizza: :robot: :hammer: :beers:

All makes sense? :slight_smile: