Some new sounds


Just a few suggestions I have for sounds that I have not found when making these soundsets with Dulux-Oz.

  • A Large heavy metal door opening and closing. (There is a stone one, but that doesn’t work well for a bank vault)

  • A metal padlock clanging shut. (I have seen samples for opening locks but not closing them, and the car door lock just isn’t the same.)

  • A few cowboy exclamations. (ye-haws, woahs, clicks of the mouth, and other noises to direct horses.)

  • An oar one shot. (There is a nice 44 second long sound effect that sounds like a boat in water and large objects hitting water, but nothing like a single oar pushing through the water.)


Possibly metal door - Hunting Horror, the closing gate one-shot. Or WooT Slave Markets of Okeno, cage door closing one-shot.

Metal padlock - Possibly Insane Asylum 1920s - locked in one-shot, if made louder and the echo turned down. Or Dark Dealings at Misr House - metal gate one-shot.

Cowboy exclamations - There’s some in Spike (Board Game Player), though they’re attached to certain comments about various commodities, but that’s about all I can find there.

Oar one-shot - Hmm, there are two rowing sounds that I can fine, one in Flooded Tavern and one in Sinister Secrets II (one echoes, one’s in open air), but those aren’t really one-shots unless you have your finger over the button and pause it quickly. There’s also, in Flooded Cavern, a one-shot called “throw a rock in” which is a smaller splash than the others. With the reverb off, that could be suitable.


I’m currently using the prison door but there is no bass so it’s not really hefty enough to be a bank door.

the metal gate is the same as the prison door. I think something more like a single clear metal click could make a good old padlock closing sound. Or a click and then keys turning.

I have the “throw rock in” in the same soundset so I’m looking for less of a plop and more of just water moving forcefully, like an oar or wading through.

Thanks for the help though.